The Escape Agency

3-Song Demo released in anticipation of our upcoming album which is coming soon!
All songs written by Ricardo "GnarlyRicki" Maldonado and Oscar "OG" Garcia.
Drums: Ricardo "GnarlyRicki" Maldonado
Guitar/Bass/Vocals: Oscar "OG" Garcia
Recorded/Engineered by Ben Herschfeild at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA.
Ricardo thanks: I wanna thank everybody's mamas, thank you for being alive. Quick shout out to the Based God for keeping it based and keeping the love flowing. Huge thanks to Herbs for the artwork and the constant support and love, and shouts out to everybody for listening and reading this. I love you.
Oscar thanks: Thanks to everybody that impacts my life in some sort of way. Whether strange or positive, I cherish you all.